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Here at Clinical and Psychological Services, we provide engaging, interactive and effective court approved shoplifting prevention classes to clients that have been accused of shoplifting or theft.  This is a live instructor led course and we dive deep into why people shoplift and steal.  We also expose the underlying issues that may cause Kleptomania or compulsive stealing.  We also offer solutions that our clients can apply immediately after leaving class.

Our Services

Our Services

We offer many services from Defensive Driving, Counceling, Divorce Classes and more. 

Defensive Driving Class

This course will enhance ticket dismissals, suspension reinstatement, insurance discounts, with points and final reduction as well.

Risk Reduction Class

Are you being charged with a DUI, drug possession, or underage possession of drugs or alcohol? Don't panic!

Shop Lifting
& Theft Prevention Class

3 hour Court approved course!

Clinical Evaluation & Treatments

Individuals who have substance-related charges related to losing their driver's license can receive evaluation for need of clinical treamentment related to license reinstatement.

420 "High" School Class

Anger Management

The course helps the client to face his or her anger episodes. Through ongoing processing in group and/or individual counseling sessions, the individual becomes awear of negative consequenses related to improper use of anger. 

Google Reviews

I had to take a DUI class for drinking and driving on 1/1/2022 so this was my third DUI and I also had to take a treatment class also in order to get my license back. I must say that I have learned a lot in the past twenty weeks alot about drugs and alcohol the things that causes us to want to do alcohol or drugs I've learned that the reason I am here because I like to drink my problems away it could be a simple lil problem with my car truck the job etc and instead of me resolving it I would drink 🍻 or sometimes social influence just by seeing other people drinking I would drink myself just to be apart of the crowd. But I have learned in class from my instructor that there are other tools in life to use for the stress like exercise, walking, playing video games, etc. That can help me reduce my trigger of drinking alcohol I also use the 123 guides as a tool and social influence also I haven't been drinking and driving since week 4 out of 20 classes and I would like to thank my instructor Benjamin for taking the time for helping me and making me a better person in life thanks for helping me put my family first and keeping me away from wanting alcohol I really do appreciate it thanks

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