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Risk Reduction

Are you being charged with a DUI, drug possession, or underage possession of drugs or alcohol? Don't panic!


Register now and feel reassured with our DUI / Risk Reduction program equipped with professionals who are certified by Georgia's Department of Driver Services. (DDS).


This is a 20 hour classroom course. Upon completion, you will be able to feel relieved with the necessary knowledge to be a substantial driver. First a standardized assessment will be taken to establish your level of involvement with alcohol or drugs.


The DUI / Risk Reduction course is $360.00 (this is a State of Georgia mandated fee) and must be paid before the first day of class. A certificate of completion will be given to you after completing and passing an exam with a minimum score of 70.

Times are as follows:

         Friday,       6:00pm  to  10:00pm

         Saturday,  8:00am  to  5:00pm  (12:00 to 1:00 Lunch Break)

         Sunday,     8:00am  to  5:00pm  (12:00 to 1:00 Lunch Break)

Should you have any questions, or need further information, feel free to contact our office at (229) 417-5147. You can also email us at:

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